A love's dream
Elite Special and Europhon, 1985

This LP is the result of coming together of two outstanding musicians: Eugen Cicero and the conductor / arranger Cedric Dumont.

Eugen Cicero, born in Transylvania, brought up there in the Liszt pianistical tradition and an early musical prodigy, after his emigration to the West 1976 “Artist of the Year” of the German Phono Academy, today is ranked in all the world as one of the leading pianists of his kind who knows to combine artistic conscientiousness and imeccable technique with electrifying swing.

Cedric Dumont, whom the Americans call “Mr. Music Man of Switzerland”, for years in resonsible posts of the Swiss Broadcasting System, at present internationally sought after again as a conductor, composer and, last but not least, music author, is one of the few artists who are at home in the concert-hall as in a recording studio as a knowledgeable, masterful interpreter of both serious and light music.

Only two masters of such a calibre could venture to put melody gems of our classics into a modern mounting without touching their substance. On the contrary: As jewels do not lose any of their splendour in a new setting, these immortal evergreens glow up like anew under the inspiring hands of Eugen Cicero and Cedric Dumont.

At this, they are supported by the renowned Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and an All-StarRhythm Section wich acquilt themselves of this unusual, but rewarding task with bravura.
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