Berlin Reunion - Eugen Cicero & His Friends

Eugen Cicero, Rokoko Jazz II

Otto Schütt / Michael Kudritzki

September 1987

J.A. Rettenbacher, bass / Rolo Rodriguez, perc. / Ronnie Stephenson, drums / Heinz von Hermann, sax / Jiggs Whigham, tb

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01. Children of the sun
02. People will say it's an old one
03. Back home again
04. The morning sun will never set
05. All night long
06. Don't ask me why
07. Start to be
08. Hungry for freedom
09. Piccadilly Circle
10. After all these years
11. Remember domo.
12. Meet me tomorrow

Arrangements by J.A.Rettenbacher / Schütt