The Best of Eugen Cicero

The Best of Eugen Cicero

Manufactures by BMG Funhouse Inc.Tokyo, Japan

23. October 2002 only in Japan
Combilation of:
Spring Song (1983) / Jazz Bach (1985)
and Rokoko-Jazz II (1987)
Produced by Timeless Records, Holland


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01. Prélude, Well-Temp. Piano
02. Air, Orchestersuite Nr.3
03. Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring
04. Tocata et Fugo in D-Minor
05. Bach goes Latin
06. Rokoko in Rock
07. Philipp's Swinging Fantasia
08. Fantasia in Jazz
09. Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling
10. Menuette in Blues
11. Cicero's Paraphrase in G-Flat
12. Riverside in Rondo trad.